Canopy 2
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Description : Canopy 2 - Nitrome has published a new exciting and extremely amusing game! You need to control a little monster with a pair of long hands to snatch at the fruits in order to get higher scores, and finally reach the place with the signal [GOAL] to pass.
All through the way you will encounter with many insects. Be careful to avoid them, otherwise your blood will be sucked.
But the little monster's blood will recover gradually, thus if it were bitten by the insect, you just need to rest for a while to recover and then get started again.
In some toll-gates the [+] stands for balloon which enables the tree branch to rise when clicked, while the [—] stands for weight which will make the tree branch fall down.
The music is very beautiful in the game, and the playing method is also unique. All the objects will show the elasticity effect when you snatch at them, which is indeed an outstanding masterpiece! A new wonderful game created by Nitrom, never miss it! -

Control : Move your mouse around to control the hands, click branches to grab them.

Tags :   Funny  Puzzle 

Views : 12,062    (2011-08-27)
Rating: 74.7 / 100 based on 95 votes
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Canopy 2
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