Donkey Kong Arcade Returns 2
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Description : Donkey Kong Arcade Returns 2 - At last! Here is the sequel to my previous submission, Donkey Kong Arcade Returns! It took me nearly a whole month of hard work to finish this. I fixed alot of bugs from DK Arcade 1 and added different difficulties and other new things. This will probably be my final submission for 2011, and I hope to start 2012 with many more new games to offer the good people of NG. -

Control : Arrow Keys - Move left and right, and climb up or down the ladders.
Space - Jump.
P - Pause.
M - Mute.
N - Stop Music.
Use the arrow keys to highlight the option on the menu, and press Enter or Space to select it.

Tags :   Action  Adventure  Funny 

Views : 17,390    (2011-11-10)
Rating: 68.4 / 100 based on 76 votes
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Donkey Kong Arcade Returns 2
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