Tasty Planet Hacked
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Description : Tasty Planet Hacked - 10x time.
Control a tiny ball of grey goo which eats everything around it. The more it eats, the bigger it gets! The goo eats anything that gets in its way: dirt, bacteria, bugs, mice, cats, cars, trees, houses… Everything! Soon the entire planet will be eaten by this crazy ball of goo. Fortunately you’re on the goo side. - myhappygames.com.

Control : Control the goo with the arrow keys or WASD keys. Eat everything smaller than yourself. The arrow points to the largest nearby entity that you can eat. Avoid larger entities – some them will hurt you if you touch them. Some of them will even eat you!

Tags :   arcade  action  dingogames 

Views : 9,305    (2012-03-31)
Rating: 79.5 / 100 based on 83 votes
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Tasty Planet Hacked
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