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Description : Hobo Prison Brawl Hacked -

The game is basically a 3D side scroller, so you can only go in one direction. You have to beat everyone you see, but sometimes you will be outnumbered. You can take a look at the health bar of each enemy and try hitting the weakest ones. If you double tap the left or right arrow, you will start running and this can get you out of some rough situations. After you finish the first few levels, more guards will start to appear and some of them will carry pistols. From time to time, you will reach a checkpoint. When this happens, you can write down the level password and next time you play Hobo Prison Brawl you won't have to start from the beginning of the game. If your health bar gets drained, you can restart from level one or you can input your password. In the end, Hobo Prison Brawl is a very fun game to play and you will enjoy using your special skills to defeat your enemies. - myhappygames.com.

Control : The controls of Hobo Prison Brawl are simple; the directional keys will help you move around the map and the A and S keys are used for punching and kicking. After you beat up a few inmates and guards, you will unlock special moves such as puking, spitting and burping. You can take a look at the key combination by pressing P.

Tags :   Fighting  Prison  Killing  Hobo 

Views : 87,225    (2012-12-20)
Rating: 88.3 / 100 based on 1416 votes
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Hobo Prison Brawl Hacked
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