Wrath of the Titans
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Description : Wrath of the Titans - A 3D action game adapted from the American movie \\\\\\\"Gods of Wrath\\\\\\\". Perseus, the protagonist son of Zeus and human beat down a huge sea monster Cracken 10 years ago and has been living the life of a fisherman since then. But due to human disloyalty, the Gods of Mount Olympus are slowly losing their undead priviledges, and therefore Zeus was trapped. To save Zeus who was trapped in the underworld, Perseus embarked on the hard journey of saving the world. Players in this game must help Perseus to kill all his enemies and achieve his goals. Cool 3D stunts, hot fighting scenes, let\\\\\\\'s experience the excitement of this 3D game! - myhappygames.com.

Control : Arrow keys to move, ZX to attck, Space to jump.

Tags :   Adventure  3D  Fighting  Action 

Views : 28,343    (2013-01-23)
Rating: 86.0 / 100 based on 592 votes
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Wrath of the Titans
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